Embracing your Core


The Following Studied At Private Art Academy And Masterclasses:
Hennie Janssen
Frank Doorhof
Gerd Renshof
Cas Waterman


The After Obtaining His BSc an In Organic Chemistry, Edwin Had A Stunning Industrial Career As An Inventor At A Multinational, Apotheously Ending an In A Worldwide Applied Invention, Significantly Reducing  Environmental Emissions And named Costs However, One Thing the He Learned the From His Invention: The Most Beautiful And Sustainable Closer Than Solutions Are You Think And Hence Closer To Himself He Realised The Circumstances After This Invention Taught Him That He Sacrificed  Too Much From Himself Forgetting His Heart And Drifted Away From Happiness. 

Exhibitions :

2017: Amsterdam, Masters of LXRY2017, Europe's leading fair in a luxurious lifestyle, art and more
2017: Amsterdam, Annual Dutch Art Fair
2017: Venice, The Venice Art House, during biennale Venice
2017: London, Brick Lane Gallery
2016: Barcelona Museu Maritim, 2016
2015: Miami Art EXPO
2014: ROSArt Sittard, Maurice Knops Fine Art Gallery
2013: ROSArt Sittard, Maurice Knops Fine Art Gallery
2012: ROSArt Sittard, Maurice Knops Fine Art Gallery
2012: Kunstroute Sittard-Geleen
2011: Maastricht (MECC), Art in the Park, Maurice Knops Fine Art
2010: Kunstroute Sittard-Geleen
2010: Maastricht (MECC), Art in the Park, Maurice Knops Fine Art
2010: Maastricht, Kunsttour 2010, Timmerfabriek



This painting is of a fashion model which is basically the inspiration of many girls and women. The fashion industry has a strong preference for skinny models to sell their products. Edwin wants to portrait all kind of women, therefore also this model. Just to provoke your inner dialogue, is this what you really want?
What does the girl in this painting want to tell you? In the first painting, which continues on the story of Beauty Adoration, she invites you to embrace your own core. The expression and pose of her symbolises the surrender and acceptance, because real beauty shines and irradiates from inside to outside. This extraordinary true beauty is in everybody, no matter of age or looks. The blue color of the voile emphasises the acceptance, confidence in yourself and the strength and trust in your own core, as beautiful as you are.
In this artwork, Edwin used self-made paint made from traditional, genuine pigments to paint her skin. Also the panel is completely hand-prepared: the Belgian linen is glued on the multilayered wood and grounded with traditional ground. The painting has currently an ornate frame, however, this soft Female Landscape also fits nice in a modern frame.


As A Little Boy Edwin Showed Serious Talent In Painting And Therefore His Enthusiastic Art Teacher Recommended Him To Go To The Art Academy To Become A Successful Artist, But His Conservative  Parents Forced Him To Start A More "Realistic" Career Than The One Of Being A Artist Poor, So Edwin Studied Chemistry Painting Revealed To Edwin As Very Relaxing And He Feels Just Very Good To Do Because Of That His Loud Thoughts Became Silent And The Treasure Of Who He Really Is Became Visible :. His Naked Truth This Beautiful Experience Edwin Wishes to everybody Edwin started to paint professionally and his chemical background helps him now to create the highest quality artworks.  


Want To Bring I You In Motion To Discover And Develop Yourself I Want To Encourage You To Stay Close To Your Heart And Soul:. Your Essence Because It Is Without Garment, Make-Up And Nick-Nack, For Him The Female Nude Symbolises. Your Pure Self To Quote Michelangelo: "? What Spirit Is So Empty And Blind, That It Can Not Recognise The Fact That The Foot Is More Noble Than The Shoe, And Skin More Beautiful Than The Garment With Which It Is Clothed" While Embracing Your unique self, he is convinced that this results in your happiness and success.