Gender Transmorphing (diptych)

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Member of Guild House Australia
Bluethumb Artist
Redfern Artist Group
Design & Art Australia


Estelle is a famous multi-awarding winning Australian artist, who started painting at the age of 5 with her mother, who was also an artist. While attending Wollongong University, Estelle started painting abstract pieces, in the style of abstract expressionism, and so her During her varied career, she continued to paint and exhibit. 

Estelle lived in Japan, for five years, and exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum as part of the UNESCO International Friendship Exhibition in 1991. She also started the Tokyo Eki (train station) Exhibition, displaying and selling work in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Tokyo .. 

Since then she was also involved in group shows in Los Angeles, San Jose, and La Jolla. Back in Australia, she continued to exhibit in solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional areas. Some of her work has also been exhibited in New York, San Francisco and London. 

Usually, her work is larger canvases, and are often inspired by hypnagogic states (the state between being awake and asleep) and take non-conventional forms that are designed to challenge artistic symbolism and archetypes. 

In 2010 she published her first art book, entitled: "Transience". The second book "Abstraction," is in production and planned for release in late 2022.


This piece is an fully emotional piece and a GENDER CHANGE experiment.

Both pieces were half painted in 1980 – just before I went into gender transition. While the emphasis was on the BEFORE (left panel) as I was male at the age of 28 years.

Then then both were repainted 28 years later, as a women in 2008, while the emphasis was on the AFTER (right panel). Both pieces are framed.

The title is: “Gender Transmorphing”

This work was created in 1980 and then repainted in 2008.

Please check out a Wikipedia page that people made about me regarding my time back in 1980.

Both panels were sprayed with a glaze of varnish.

Each panel is 24 cm x 60 cm, while there are two panels and each are framed with the frame dimensions of each panel being 47 cms x 84 cm.

A Certificate of Authenticity with hologram, stating the painting dates is provided and a hologram verification is attached to one of the panels.


To me, art is the most wonderful thing in the world, that we can express our emotions to others in ways that are beyond words. It is in a sense a higher form of communication.


Estelle loves to paint emotional pieces, that beckon the inner part of ourselves. She believes longing and desires that we hold are just under the surface can be released easily using abstraction. It is not what is seen in art but in ourselves, that is art's greatest gift.


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